What foods can/can’t i eat on a yeast free diet? Help Needed?

I have Natural Yeast Infection Cures candida and have been advised to follow a yeast free diet. What are the best foods to eat and avoid? Any tasty recipes would be highly appreciated, also are there any yeast free alcoholic beverages available?

If you have Candidiasis and you then consume live yeast (e.g. in bread) then the Candida in your gut can react aggressively and cause you pain. This will continue until the Candida has killed all the microbes that it considers a threat. If you can eat bread without pain then this does not apply to you. If it does apply to you then just get soda bread. Yeast extracts aren’t a problem because the yeast is long dead, so Marmite is OK.

Eating yeast does not make the infection any worse. Fructose on the other hand does. It is used by hyphal (mould) Candida for tissue development. In other words that’s what it uses to make new mould cells.

Fructose is in Fruit and Veg and normal sugar (Sucrose). Its a good idea to avoid that as much as possible. In actual fact fat and meat are fine. Mould rarely feeds on these foodstuffs. If you need something sweet for whatever reason then you can use Glucose. Its cheapest to buy this from a body building shop, where they probably call it Dextrose.

The sweeter the fruit the more fructose it is likely to contain. Even iceberg lettuce has lots of fructose in it. You may find that lettuce or sour apples relieve acid stomach. That is just because they cause the gut to produce Bicarbonate. However, in the long run they make things worse. You can just take Bicarbonate of Soda instead and that is good for acid stomach.